Bumok, the hidden face

of the iceberg,

illustrates what we were missing


managing talent:

the human factor.


After 20 years of research and working with people,
in 12 countries, using different languages ​​and communication styles,
managing international projects of high complexity,
we have reached the following conclusions:


The best professionals are those who help others
and the organization become the best version of themselves.


The human factor makes a difference in all relationships,
whether in sports, business, family
or at the workplace.


To identify, engage and retain talent, you have to understand and care for those who have it.


Talent doesn't have to do with age:
Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Centennials ...
Talent is not inherited.
Talent is not exclusive to a territory.
Talent is a human gift, and it must be treated with humanity.


Olympic values:
the values of talent,
effort and preparation,
endurance and resilience
and the will to succeed and be better.

An example which summarizes our background and skills lays on the experience developed in the field of international sports broadcasting, through the assembling and development of high performance teams for the television production of the largest competition on the planet:

Planning and execution of complex HR projects in Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Norway, Brazil and the Republic of South Korea.

Cesar Riaño Bumok

César Riaño

Talent Hearthunter

Malagueño by birth, Sevillian by adoption and happy resident in Madrid (after living in other cities in Europe, Asia and America), along with his Uruguayan wife, Carmen, their daughter Olivia and their two adopted dogs, Clint and Flo.

Bilingual Spanish / English and passionate about the human side of professional relationships and the identification and development of talent. As an expert headhunter, he is especially motivated by complex profiles that are difficult to find and attract. He believes true engagement is finally achieved through the heart, rather than the mind ("head"); therefore, he considers himself a "Hearthunter".

Facilitator, teacher, coach, consultant and manager of international projects, Cesar decided to close his cycle as head of recruitment and training at the broadcast division of the International Olympic Committee (Olympic Broadcasting Services), to undertake his Bumok project, with the aim to support companies and professionals in the building of productive and trusting relationships with candidates and employees, where the human factor and its well-being play a performance-enhancing role, in an increasingly technological environment.

What i do

  • Headhunting
  • HR Consulting
  • Talent Attraction, Acquisition & Development
  • Executive training in English
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Bumok Flexible Team

In Bumok we have reliable collaborators (tested and prestigious) when assuming projects - selection, training, work climate studies, consulting, etc. - which require a larger infrastructure. 
Currently, Bumok is a partner (and representative in the Community of Madrid) of the company La Era de los Valientes, through which it develops innovation plans in employability for groups of young people, women, over 45 years of age and the long-term unemployed. Its workshops and the TALENTIKUM mobile app are having great success in much of the national territory, through collaboration agreements with city councils, chambers of commerce, foundations, universities and companies.

The best teams are built with the best people.


Are the best people born or made?


We all have some innate talent but often we don't know how to identify it, focus on it or take advantage of it, and we need support.




Headhunting of executive, middle management or highly specialized positions difficult to locate and attract through an agile but rigorous analysis of the industry and functional scope, top companies, academic and training institutions delivering talent, the most recognized professionals in the sector, etc.

International search

We perform international talent search in person or remotely. We have local contacts in a large number of countries worldwide, with whom we can run surveys of all types of profiles (mainly top executives, middle managers, or tech and highly specialized profiles). We travel to required destinations and can provide expertise in intercultural communication.

Specialized advice on EB & RM

Supporting client-companies on the best practices of employer branding (EB) and recruitment marketing (RM)

Bumok Young Talent (BYT)

We serve companies as a broker of internship programs and hiring university graduates. Through our relationship with universities, we manage the search, attraction, selection and on-boarding of young talent. We are specialists in the new generations.

Training & Coaching

Training and coaching key people in the organization on their role during the process of interviewing, on-boarding and development of candidates (job definition, attractive JO & JD, interview preparation, communication and motivation, performance reviews, coaching and mentoring ...)

Job interviews

Conducting recruitment interviews in Spanish or English (+ available languages), with advanced evaluation techniques to assess personal, team and cultural-organizational fit:

  • Competency-based
  • Experience-based
  • Scenario-based


Presentation of synoptic reports and quality feedback. Exquisite attention and follow-up of the candidates, human, close and personalized.


Flexibility and tailored solutions in the use of digital tools regarding communication, reporting and implementation of recruitment and assessment tools.

Currently developing projects in collaboration with ...

Human Resources

Do you need to find
the best people for
your organization
or project?

BUMOK helps you know where they are, identify them, engage them, perform efficient onboarding and maintain a satisfactory, productive and lasting relationship to build the best team.


Are you looking to be
part of the best team?

We assist you in discovering your best qualities and skills to clearly identify and show what you can offer during your job search or professional development, to shine in an interview, to lead and inspire your team, etc.

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Talent Management Consulting

We improve people management policies and practices (areas of selection, training, communication and motivation, team management).

We assist in the definition of employer branding communication plans (presentations, design of job offers, communication and promotion tools, job fairs, scholarship and internship programs).


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